eja on the cloud

With over twenty years working as system administrators for several companies across Europe there are providers that we are more confident with than others, between them without any doubt the most reliable and strongest one is of course Hetzner GmbH.

They are based in Germany, they run on green energy, they are super well connected and their prices are incredibly low compared to the very high level of service they provide.

For this reason and also because they started an affiliate program we are going to publish several forms to allow you to launch a new server, configure and manage it in total automatic form using the marvelous eja language that is powering already hundreds of servers all around the world.

So click here, create your account, get 20 € credit to start playing with their environment and then click here to see what kind of server you can configure and how.

Or, and only, if you don't want to create your own server, owned by you, managed by you and sniffed only by you, I mean if you are really and terrible lazy and you prefer a trumpet company to be sniffing each one of your farts, well you can also create a gSuite account with 20% discount by clicking here... :)

any further question of course feel free to contact us