Running this service will provide a remote browser instance that you can manage as running directly on your local computer.

You can share a web based game experience, watch a video or a live stream with your friends, broadcast a web based video conference like zoom, skype, google meet, microsoft team.

Whatever you can do on your local browser you should be able to reproduce on the remote one with the big advantage that you can grab whatever you are doing and also rebroadcast to many other spectators by sharing the provided link.

Once that you have inserted the url of the web page/application that you want to broadcast, please choose how many hours the server will be up and running and how many concurrent watchers do you expect to attend the show, the server will shutdown after the chosen number of hours (no way to extend it) and will limit the available bandwidth to the maximum expected watchers (i.e. 2.5Mbit per concurrent watcher). This values cannot be changed once that the server is up and running.

After payment is confirmed a new server will be started with your configuration, this operation should take no longer than a few seconds, you will get details on a new page where you will also find a link to the admin console and the links to watch the show that you can then share with your spectators.

If you need personal attention please write it in the note field as only if there is something there we will receive a mail with its content (best captcha in the world... :)

Due to the high number of variables involved on the process there is no guarantee of any kind that this service will fit any of your purposed purposes, you are paying a fee to cover the cost of the server and bandwidth involved in the process.